A hopeless idealist, went to all the protests, sociologist
A teacher with nerves of steel, tragically in love
An IT guy, the only one with money, but still a virgin at 30
Older guy, loves Yugoslavia, works at a chicken factory
Journalist, alcoholic, hiding various dark secrets
Tito's girlfriend, younger than him, ready for anything
The Pooch
Bole's dog, keeps getting sick, taken care of by all

About the movie

A comedy about six friends from Belgrade who decide to form a movement - a satirical group which makes fun of the political system in Serbia through their silly initiatives.

Although it all starts as joking around in their spare times, these people quickly generates enormous support from the people with the help of social networks and their movement, with the satirical slogans they create, begins to create a spike in the polls, rattling political cages ahead of nationwide elections.

From that moment on, these young and naive people discover the darkest secrets of Serbia's political sphere and are thus sucked into an undercover world of corruption, huge sums of money, obscene private parties and underground state structures which seem to be ruling Serbia through blackmail and threats.

Will these young people be able to overpower the dark forces that they have collided with?

Throughout the movie, a supporting character is a sickly pooch, a dog which is a part of the young gang, constantly sick and on the edge of death. The dog is a metaphore for Serbia - no matter how low the chances of recovery are, the youths take care of it, as they love it just the way it is.

Film team

Boris Malagurski
Director, Producer
Serbian-Canadian director, known for his films dealing with activism and important social topics. Born in Subotica, lived in Canada for many years, where he studied film production at the University of British Columbia. Lives and works in Belgrade, has his own production company "Malagurski Cinema", and is also the editor and host of BN's weekly TV show "Globally" in Bijeljina.
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Kosovo | Can You Imagine?

2009 | Silver Palm Award | Mexico International Film Festival | Rosarito, Mexico

2009 | Best Documentary | BC Days Documentary Film Festival | Vancouver, Canada

2009 | Nomination, Best Documentary | BridgeFest International Film Festival | East Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Weight Of Chains

2011 | Official Selection | Raindance Film Festival | London, United Kingdom

2011 | Nomination, Best Documentary | Moving Images Film Festival | Toronto, Canada

2011 | Official Selection | BELDOCS International Feature Documentary Film Festival | Belgrade, Serbia

2011 | Official Selection | BELDOCS Eho | Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Kragujevac, Nis, Vrsac & Aleksinac, Serbia

2011 | Nomination, Best Documentary | International Festival of New Latin American Cinema | Havana, Cuba

2011 | Nomination, Best Documentary | Ann Arbor Docu Fest | Ann Arbor, United States

2014 | Official Selection | Balkan New Film Festival | Stockholm, Sweden


2013 | Official Selection | Montecasino Film Festival | Johannesburg, South Africa

The Weight Of Chains 2

2014 | Opening Film | Montecasino Film Festival | Johannesburg, South Africa

2014 | Official Selection | Balkan New Film Festival | Stockholm, Sweden

2015 | Official Selection | Subversive Festival | Zagreb, Croatia

2015 | Official Selection | Raindance Film Festival | London, United Kingdom

Nikola Prokic
Talkative and energetic film artist and directer, deeply devoted to writing and film work. Finishing Art History and the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, with a current GPA at 9.6. Worked as a journalist and screenwriter for Happy TV and B92, currently works as a journalist, editor and screenwriter at Prva Television in Belgrade.
Vladimir Kordanovic
The founder of "UNA Film", economist, worked closely with "Balkan Film" and "Drina Film". Worked on the production of such films as "The Enemy", "So Hot Was The Cannon", "Falsifier", and others, and was also a co-producer of "Little Buddho".
Ivana Malagurski
Director's Assistant
The Director of "The Window into a Blue World" and the Co-Director of "The Presumption of Justice", the Executive Producer of "Belgrade", currently finishing the Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade.
Istok Pavlovic
Marketing Consultant
Lecturer at Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, marketing strategist specialized in viral marketing and growth hacking.
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"The Movement and the Sickly Pooch" is the first Serbian feature film which will dwell on the undercover dealings of the political scene in the country. This comedy takes you through the personal experience of a few young and naive folks who accidentally immerse themselves into the world of secret state institutions and corrupt politicians.

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